Internships with PRG

As a student earning my BFA in Lighting Design, I have been honored to work with Production Resource Group for the past three years. In 2012 and 2013 I interned with PRG Chicago working in our Film, Television, Trade Show, and Corporate Event markets. This past year I have worked with PRG Secaucus in our Broadway and Concert Touring markets. Specifically while working in the Secaucus shop/depot, I have worked on lighting rigs for Beauty and the Beast (National Tour) and BET's Bobby Jones Gospel. I have helped maintain lighting equipment for a number of shows including RockyMatildaGhost (First National Tour), Blue Man GroupNewsiesKinky Boots, and Wicked. As a veteran PRG Intern, I have learned some of the most industry specific skills working with IATSE stagehands. 

As a part of my most recent internship with PRG, I have become a PRG V676 Programmer. Having spent the summer working on the console, and being under the guidance of Emmy Award winning designer and programmer, Chris Conti who is the product manager for PRG's Automated Luminaires and PRG S400 Power and Data Distribution System. 

Additionally, it was at the reccomendation of legendary Broadway carpenter and stagehand Freddie Gallo, President and CEO of PRG Scenic Technologies, that I joined the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees as a journeyman in 2014.